Posted by Gus-Team Friday 7/3/2023


The 9 Muses

Melpomeni dedicated 1/1 to Ch. Bs


18650 hybrid


Posted by Gus-Team Friday 24/2/2023


Upcoming product..

Azure G16 14500 mech mod !



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Enjoy the festival 2023

Special price only for three days!




Posted by Gus-Team Thursday 15/12/2022

Upcoming product

Unbound kit for Phenomenon


A new tempting and limited reissue of deck 2*0,8mm will be released at Christmas by Gus. With a new and stylish tank piece, the upcoming Unbound Phenomenon will be presented in our e-shop and on all our social networks. Soon you will be able to register your excellent performing mtl atomizer that ranked top in flavors.


Posted by Gus-Team Thursday 21/7/2022



Many parts of Menelaus coming soon on webshop such us  SS afc ring, Top cap, Top sleeve ..
Stay Tuned


Posted by Gus-Team Tuesday 19/7/2022

GUS Birthday

On July 19, Kostas Andrikopoulos (GUS) was born in Athens. His father was a turner and taught him the art until he was 20 years old.

The first contact with ... vape constructions came when, in 2010, he built his first rta in a small arcade of Athens in Solomou street.
GUS stop dealing with the internal combustion engines and gives all the knowledge and talent to vaping.

We wish him a happy birthday.


Posted by Gus-Team Thursday 14/7/2022


GBI Tube limited edition

It is an honor we took over & developed this beautiful tube for GUS BROTHERS ITALIA GROUP.
Special thanks to Daniel who design the theme. Also we thank all the administrators & members who are supporting our products all these years.